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Is there a book, a speech or a message in you itching to get out? Join 10,000 aspiring content creators on March 13th at 6PM PST as Michael shares his top secret process for creating good content fast.

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You have a unique skill. An important message. Valuable knowledge. Isn’t it time you shared it with the world? Imagine you as a bestselling author. An expert speaker. A celebrity blogger with a fanatical online audience.

  You deserve to be heard !

On March 13th, you’re invited to join 10,000 aspiring writers and content creators who will team up to accomplish the impossible: create full outlines for 10,000 transformational books, speeches, scripts and programs…

  All in just 60 minutes

Sounds impossible? Not when you’ve got Michael Drew on your side. Michael Drew holds the record for placing 72 authors on National Bestseller lists:

Through his remarkable process for helping A-grade authors create inspired content in record time.

And for the first time ever, he’s going to share that process with YOU.

Welcome to Writer’s Hour.

Stop banging your head
on that keyboard!

Ever sat down to write a piece of content like a book, a script, a speech or an article? Then you’ll know how infuriating it can be. Two reasons:

1  Writer’s Block

You know you’ve got something to say. You know you’ve got powerful ideas to share. Yet still you spend hours backspacing every sentence, staring at a blank screen and questioning your sanity.

The end result? You procrastinate to avoid the discomfort. When your friends ask “how’s that book coming along?”, you awkwardly change the subject. Self-doubt cripples you, and your ambitions turn into a painfully distant dream.

 But it doesn’t have to be this way!

2  Content Soup

You’ve spent months structuring your big idea it into a book or a piece of content. So you send it to dozens of publishers, and wait. And wait. And wait. Then you finally get something in the mail, only to find it’s a… rejection letter.

Publishers evaluate content not just on its ideas, but on how well those ideas are structured. Unfortunately this is where 99% of authors slip up. Valuable wisdom gets buried under poor chapter structures and ineffective writing. And you end up with a piece of work that does not honor your full creative potential. It’s a diluted bowl of Content Soup.

 But again, it doesn’t have to be this way!


Meet the man

who revolutionized the content creation industry

Michael Drew is a legend in the publishing industry. In just 14 years, he’s put 72 books on National Bestseller lists.

Michael’s secret? He’s invented a specific step-by-step process not just for quickly overcoming writer’s block – but for creating content so powerful, it makes an immediate impact when released.

He calls this process The Creation Method. It’s been silently circulating for years among top shelf writers, expert coaches, change agents and trailblazing companies.

And how it works may surprise you. Because when you use The Creation Method, what you’re really doing is switching off half your brain.

Is your brain working for you or against you?

The left brain controls analytical thoughts

  • Logic
  • Numbers
  • Science
  • Lists & sequences
  • Linearity

Believe it or not, YOU sabotage your own
creativity every day. No joke.
Your brain is divided into two sections.

The right brain controls creative thoughts

  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Intuition
  • Art & music
  • Abstract thinking

What often happens during the creative process is that like an annoying know-it-all professor, your analytical left brain shoots down thoughts channeled by your right brain – before they can even reach you on a conscious level.

“That’s impossible!” it screams. “That doesn’t even make sense!” it yells.

And that’s how your left brain tricks you into believing one big fat lie: that you’re just not the creative type.

Excuse the language, but this total BS. You were born creative. Everyone is. You just need to know how to tap into it.

  Michael’s process for awakening creativity

Michel has spent over 10 years working with bestselling authors. In this time he invented The Creation Method: a step-by-step process for swiftly and consistently creating high-impact content.

What you’ll learn at Writer’s Hour is the single most important part of The Creation Method: the book outlining exercise.

The book outlining exercise is designed to temporarily shut down your left brain hemisphere – so creative thoughts can flow through your right brain like water from a tap.

The amplification effect on your thought process is instantly noticeable. It’s like the difference between a smoke-belching antique locomotive and a shiny bullet train.

And so that piece of killer content that would have taken you months or years to put to paper instead gets hammered out in weeks or even days.

  What bestselling authors say about Michael:
Michael Drew’s book outlining process is a rapid and simple process to overcome analysis paralysis and become an engaged entrepreneur. I followed his process and it quickly helped transform my ideas into the ground-breaking product, The Authority Formula. If you’re serious about being a successful and engaged entrepreneur, you need to start with Michael’s revolutionary outlining process.
Greg Habstritt
“Michael’s outlining process is essential for anyone writing a book. I have used it with people that have spent months trying to build their outline and had them breakthrough and finish in this simple 30 minute process. It saved me months of torture on my most recent book.”
Garrett Gunderson
You can write a fantastic book. You can scramble, bleed and beat yourself up marketing that book. None of that guarantees you’ll make any bestseller list. Neither does hiring Michael Drew. But Secrets of the Millionaire Mind made it because of his help, as have dozens of his other authors. No amount of hard work or literary brilliance can replace Michael’s insider’s knowledge, connections and simple blood and sweat commitment. There seems to be a way to make a book successful, and evidently Michael Drew is one of the few who know the secret. Thanks Michael.
T.Harv Eker
“I’ve learned from my own experience with Michael Drew that he knows what he’s doing in book marketing. He can show you how to promote your business book so it generates significant new action for your business, not to mention selling a trainload full of books in the process. Don’t be stupid-call Michael up right now and get that bestseller status you’ve always wanted.”
Herb Kay

  What you’ll learn at the online workshop:

1. Michael gets you in the zone with an immersive mind relaxation exercise. This is the first step towards shutting down your left brain.

2. Using The Creation Method, Michael helps you create a compelling title and summary for your future bestseller.

3. Next, you’ll be guided through a rapid creative thought process for instantly identifying 16 subjects to discuss in your book.

4. Michael then uses creative focusing techniques to help you edit and arrange the subjects into relevant topics and order.

  Is Writer’s Hour for you?

Hosted by Michael Drew himself, Writer’s Hour is a first-of-its-kind online workshop happening on March 13th. Our goal is to get together 10,000 aspiring writers and content creators to experience every step of the Content Creation process. The exact same one used by top shelf authors to create multi-million dollar bestsellers.

In just 60 minutes Michael will help you create a full outline for your future bestselling book, speech, script or program. That means 10,000 new pieces of content in just 60 minutes. Imagine the kind of positive impact this will have not just on you, but on the planet.

This online workshop is for you if you are…
  • A person with a message, a skill, or wisdom you want to share with the world.
  • An aspiring fiction or non-fiction author, or even someone who’s always wished you could write a book.
  • A blogger, writer or website owner looking to create mind-blowing content for your readers.
  • A trainer or a speaker looking for inspiration for your next award-winning speech.
  • A scriptwriter working towards producing your next documentary or television show.

  Order your Writer’s Hour ticket here.

One digital ticket for Writer’s Hour is $69 happening on Tuesday, March 13th at 6PM PST. This gives you full online access to the workshop and the recording of the entire session that you can use anytime. Take part, and join 10,000 other aspiring writers and content creators in what might just be a major turning point in your life and career.

The Writer’s Hour
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In all seriousness, we want you to be completely satisfied with Writer’s Hour. So if it doesn’t help you create a solid book outline, or if you just feel it wasn’t worth the time or money, email us at within 24 hours after the workshop ends for a full, prompt refund.

This workshop you’ll love,
Tears of joy you will cry,
Or your money back.

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